Juggling Dragon illustration by Merrill White, used by permission.

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Past Events: 2004

School for the Formation of Circus Arts: November 2003 - April 2004, Turino, Italy. Taught juggling and equilobristics at this new circus school, during its second year in existence.
MOUNTAIN RENAISSANCE ADVENTURE FAIRE May 2004 in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. This very new faire is in one of the best towns on Earth. Asheville is a great place with an amazing amount of cultural life. I have always enjoyed my visits there. It's the home town of my good friends at The Future of Traditions Center for Folkloric Arts . They have a wonderful studio where they teach yoga, bellydance, and many other things, check them out!

WESTERN MICHIGAN RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL July 3-4, 2004. My good friend Queen Bea got me in touch with this faire and I'm thrilled to have performed for them this year.

STARWOOD FESTIVAL July 20-25, Sherman, New York. Taught juggling workshops and performed.

PENNSIC XXXII  August 7-22 New Castle, Pennsylvania. This is the biggest SCA event in the US. I'll be teaching classes at the Coxcomb Academy, as well as performing at various camps with the Accidental Circus while I'm there.

PENNSYLVANIA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL August 14 - October 24, Manheim, Pennsylvania. The Paolo Garbanzo Show is performing at the Rose Stage - 11:00, 12:30, 2:00 & 3:30.

LOUISIANA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL November 26- December 12, Hammond, Louisiana. Weekends, with special "Family Day" performances on Friday, November 26.

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