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The Paolo Garbanzo
Juggling and fire eating show

Award winning entertainer Paolo Garbanzo, the First American to be an Official Jester of an English Castle, dazzles audiences all over the world with technical skill and comedy. The Paolo Garbanzo show is a juggling and fire-eating show not to be missed! Performing amazing stunts while keeping the audience laughing throughout a thirty to forty-five minute show.
"Paolo Garbanzo" is a Sicilian peasant who has made his way around the "knowne world" performing for lords and ladies of many realms, stunning them with his death-defying stunts of fire juggling and danger!

what are people saying about the show?

A major extravaganza not to be missed! Paolo Garbanzo is the ring master of a gypsy cabaret! Paolo Garbanzo and his troupe of performers fill the stage with continuous variety acts for all audiences. Belly dancers, jugglers, contortionists, fire-eaters, aerialists, stilt walkers, fire performers of all kinds, and comedy shows are all part of the festivities!


Giacomo The Jester and his (seventh) partner Paolo Garbanzo take the stage in this amazing comedy knife throwing show. Giacomo and Paolo juggle knives around audience members and then turn the tables on each other by seeing just how close you can come to getting an eighth partner.