We went to a few more places in Sicily, Namely Taormina, an ancient Greek city that has the world famous Greek Theatre on top of a huge mountain. On a clear day Mt. Etna can be seen miles away behind the stage, what an amazing backdrop! Unfortunately, it was really foggy the day we were there, but it was still really cool!!

Other parts of Sicily

girls that work out are hot!!

And of course, what every Romans really wants...


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Oh yeah! We went to Piazza Armerina, there's an ancient Roman bath house there with mosaic tiles you will see nowhere else in the world!

Oh! they're chasing each other! maybe later they'll have a pillow fight!

It's nice to know that over thousands of years of civilization, some things never change. Hunting, fast carts,

Notice under the "Girls in Bikinis" mosaic is another mosaic of geometric patterns. Obviously, the second owner had better taste!!