Our first stop after landing in Palermo was to head to see our relatives around the city of Agrigento, after eating (ok, we never stopped eating) we went to The Valley of the Temples, ....very famous....


This is what's left of the Temple of Juno. In 420 BC it was the largest Greek temple ever! It was built to celebrate the victory of the Greek Peoples Colonist's Front (GPCF for short) over the Carthaginian Colonists Popular Peoples Front (CCPPF for short). It took them only 20 years to build this huge temple. Meanwhile, back in Carthage, they built the largest Carthaginian Army ever built and came back to the island and kicked the GPCF's butt. (There was a problem at the beginning of this war as the GPCF had changed it's name over the past 20 years to The Glorious Greek Peoples Popular Front (GGPPF); which caused a little confusion until everyone decided to just started stabbing each other.) The Carthaginians won, took over the island for a while, and out of shere spite they knocked over the temple. But the story doesn't end there!!

To quote Eddie Izzard,
"What we have here are a series of small walls..."
If you would like to hear the continuing saga of this pile of rubble, ask me about it at my show!

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Now, can anyone tell me why they cut these peculiar chanels in these rocks? Was it to lift them into place, or hold them together once they were up?
Does anyone know? anyone?

...cuz I don't have a clue...