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Sherwood Forest Faire 2013

Paolo will be back for his 4th year at SWFF!  Now for eight weekends starting February 9th and ending March 31. Paolo will be joined by his friend Giacomo The Jester and will be performing "The Oops! Comedy Knife Throwing Show" every weekend, except March 15,16,17th as The Fools of Fortune will be performing together for the St. Patrick's Day weekend. 

Return King Richard's Faire 2013
After three years being away, Paolo returns to his favorite New England Faire September and October.  Look out for "Paolo's Galleria" hand made artwork on display and for sale at the faire!

Fools of Fortune
Continues to perform amazing stunts!  We will be performing together during the month of August at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  See you there!

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