Links to Paolo's friends
and cool sites!

The Clan Tynker - Amazingly multi-talented performers!
Mezmer Society - Lush Cabaret and Balkan Ruckus!
Mab Just Mab D.C.'s own side-show girl!
mpty Hats
-Celtic music, unplugged... but wired.
To The Hilt -comedic swordsmanship, 'cause when you think comedy, you think swordfighting!
The Maestrosities- Comedy clown band with a ckick! These guys are great!
Natasha Collette - entrancing artist of music and spoken word.
Flying Karamazov Brothers -One of the most famous juggling troupes in the world.
I had the pleasure of touring with them as "Misha Karamazov" for two years.

Bob DaVinci -The DaVinci Bros. comedy opera, where the audience becomes the stars!
artan Terrors
-North America's premiere celtic comedy group. Great fun and great people!
Barely Balanced -acrobatic juggler types! We've had great times playing together at the PA faire.
Queen Bea -this lady is a hoot, comedic genious! her songs and stories will make you die laughing!
Tonya Kay - this multi-talented friend of mine performed in Stomp!
Bedlam Bards -Cedric and Hawk are great fun on and off stage! Always have a good time with them
Rafferty the Piper -the best piper I know!
Pokie-Poke The Jongleur -good friend of mine and widely talented.
Luxotica -fire props and safety tips. Before you set something on fire, check this site out!!!