June 2006, I embarked on a tour with The Clan Tynker, some of my very best friends, to Italy and Germany.
We performed at a huge street theatre festival 'Artisti nella Piazza' in Pennabilli, Italy, simply a beautiful
place (we all want to live there!). We performed in Rimini at a festival there, we also performed in piazze/piazzas in Padova (Padua), Fano, Torino (where I had lived), and a few
towns in Cinque Terre. We also performed in Germany and drove through the Swiss Alps, visiting Lichtenshtien on our way back to Milan.

The shows consisted of me anouncing the show in Italian and joining the Tynkers in juggling routines.
We had a great time and maybe we'll be able to do it again soon!!

Here are just a few of the pictures from that trip, enjoy!


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